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Marie Reavey

David Osborne introduces this month's speaker by explaining how it was her name was suggested to him and how he managed to make contact with her.

Marie Reavey worships at Wellspring Family Church in Dereham and is an Inspector with the Norfolk Police. She is also National Chair of the Christian Police Association and recently joined the Faith and Police Together initiative.

In her talk Marie does not say much about policing but rather offers some testimonies and speaks about God's heart for the poor. She calls her talk "God writes in out who society writes out".

Graham Walker

In this recording David Osborne introduces Graham Walker with a request for one of the stories he told in his last visit to our Filling Station.

Graham works for Open Doors and visited us last June. Open Doors supports persecuted Christians in all manner of ways, encouraging them and in some cases getting alongside them. Millions of believers across the world suffer prison, torture and even threat of execution because they follow Jesus Christ. Graham has a host of harrowing anecdotes and accounts of life in persecuted countries. So if you are able, please come along and listen to him.

NOTE: One of the videos shown during the talk had visuals to a musical accompaniment and has been cut so you hear a few seconds of music only.

Robert Bragg

Robert jumps straight into his talk in this recording, which also includes the answers he gave to questions at the end of his talk.

Robert grew up in London and became embroiled in the violent world of teenage gangs. He freely admits, he stabbed his first victim when he was twelve years old but over time he found the gang lifestyle did not offer what it promised; instead he felt scared and vulnerable. Although Robert had hurt many people, inside he, too felt very hurt and it was this feeling that prompted him to turn God and seek a fresh start. Now he sees himself as a Christian with a sense of belonging to a new 'gang' and a gang united by loving and being loved by God. This gang can be sure that no matter what took place in the past, forgiveness through Jesus is freely given.

Chantell Lione Hayles

Unfortunately, we had recording problems during the talk by Chantell Leonie Hayles. The quality is not what we would have wanted and we join it after the first 10 minutes.

Chantell was exposed to a great deal of trauma in her life, growing up never knowing her father and suffering from low self-esteem leading to a very promiscuous lifestyle. Then, aged 23 she had an amazing experience and she walked out of work in a lap dance club and straight into a church. Her story is very emotional and extraordinary telling how she turned her back on the shady world she'd become used to and the release she felt as she handed her life over to Jesus Christ.

Bart Gee

In this recording you'll hear David Osborne introduces Bart Gee.

Bart was born with a physical disability called Arthrogryposis. Doctors said he would never walk, may never have the strength to be able to sit up and would have a bleak outlook to life - that being the limit. So, he and his family could easily have given up and thought God had really dealt them a bum deal. Through much payer and an amazing inner strength Bart has risen above his severe handicaps. His story is amazing, inspirational and encouraging. Listen to him play the keyboard and see what he has achieved in almost every walk of life. He is such a cheerful guy!

Rachel and Noel

Here David Osborne introduces Rachel and Noel Alexander.

The couple spoke at one of our earlier meetings when they brought a most encouraging message about God's influence on their lives at what had been a particularly difficult time. Rachel and Noel live in Norfolk where they set up a website called Prophetic Lighthouse offering Christian mentoring and prayer. Through the website their work is being accessed across the world. They were recently invited to lead worship via Skype at a church in Pakistan — Pakistan being one of the most hostile nations to Christianity.

We meet at Hickling Barn on the 2nd Monday of each month except August and December.
The Barn can be found at Tate Loke (Off Mallard Way), Hickling, NR12 0YU.
Doors open at 7:00pm when tea, coffee, buns and biscuits are normally available.
The meeting starts at 7:30pm and is normally over by 9:00pm.